Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adora Dolls

I was reading thru my twitter feed, and saw a friend post about Adora Dolls.  I went to check them out to see what they were all about, and was very happy to see that they are offering a giveaway right now

It's not just a simple giveaway either, it's a very generous $500 ADORA-able Dolly Giveaway!
What lil princess doesn't want their mommy to win that??  I know my lil diva does.  She was sitting right beside me when I was looking at their website, and she's already picked out the ones she really loves.

I went HERE to enter.  With such a big giveaway, of course, I have to start thinking "What if I really won that"?  I know exactly what I would do with it.

I keep in touch with a place that I used to work several years ago.  It is a preschool for kids with developmental delays.  I would say that about 98% of the kids there are delayed because of the environment they are raised in.  Every child there is low-income, because that is the only way they get approved to be there.  (Nothing against that at all, because technically, the economy problems have caused my family to also be low-income as of now.)  The kids I'm talking about have NOTHING.  They come to school with dirty clothes, dirty faces, and I've even seen roaches come out of their backpacks and even shoes.  Most of the parents of these kids are only looking for welfare, and don't give a lot of thought to the kids they bring into the world.  They don't spend quality time with them. They don't teach their precious kids how to say their ABC's, shapes, colors, or count.  That is why they are considered developmental delayed.  It's not because they are slow, it's because nobody has cared enough to teach them.  Once they enter the program, almost every one of them will learn all the basic stuff they need to know to enter kindergarten.

I could go on and on about all the heart-breaking things I've seen while working at that preschool.  It is for children as young as 6 weeks up to 5 years old.  It's very easy to become attached to those sweet, sweet kids.  Since I quit working there about 5 years ago, I've still kept them close to my heart. It helps that my sister-in-law is the supervisor there.  I always "adopt an angel" at Christmas time, and instead of picking one at our local mall, I pick a kid or 2 from the preschool.  I've done it every year since I worked there.  I make sure they get clothes, pajamas, toys, socks, etc. so they can at least have a decent Christmas.  I also donate a lot of my own kids' outgrown clothes and toys to them.

So, now that I have explained all about this program, I'll get back to my point, haha!  If I was to win the Adora Dolls giveaway, I would definitely pass on the generosity and give some of their adorable baby dolls to some very well-deserving lil ones at the preschool.  I can already see their beautiful eyes light up!  It's amazing how something that seems so small can really make a child's day.  You can just see the appreciation and gratefulness on their face when you give them a gift.

I really hope that I win, mainly so that I can pass on the generosity to some of the kids in need.  With our budget being so tight, I don't know how much I'll be able to help at Christmas time this year.  I'll keep my fingers crossed, and I know Miss Sassy will, too!  If any of you reading this happen to win, then I would love to hear that you also donated part of the prize to some little girl who needs joy in her life!  Good luck to all of you!