Thursday, July 29, 2010

A little bit about me and my blog...

Hey ya'll! I thought since I've been getting some new friends, I better tell you all about what exactly my blog will be soon. As you know, I just started this in July 2010, and really know very little about blogging. I've been following several blogs for quite some time now, and thought I should try it out myself! I am doing this for different reasons-One, because I need an outlet and other adults to talk to. I'm a SAHM and spend my days literally talking to little kids. I drive my hubby crazy when he gets home from work, practically begging him for some convo. Even though most of the time, I don't have anything interesting to say..since I spent the whole day with toddlers. (I also babysit a little boy). Second, I hope to earn a little bit of extra income. I've read magazine articles on how women have quit their day jobs and made more money from blogging. I doubt I'll get to that point, but if I could earn a little bit to add to the household funds, that would be awesome! I'm still figuring out how exactly to earn the money, so any tips you have, feel free to leave me some tips! (pretty please??) And lastly, the biggest reason for this adventure, is because I have a lot of loves in life, and want to share them with you, and I want to hear back on the things all of you love. I'll be talking about things on kids, parenting, marriage, love, makeup, fashion, hobbies and crafts, cooking and recipes, home decorating and organization, entering giveaways, and probably even a bit of celebrity gossip to name a few of my faves. These are all things I have a huge passion for and I know that you have to love at least one of those things on my list! I want to hear from you what else I have left off that you want me to talk about. Also, I'll be doing product reviews very soon, and once I get enough followers, I'll start doing some awesome giveaways!
So, now you know why you are here, and I hope that you will stick with me while I keep learning how to blog. I still have a long way to go, as you can see, lol! I hopefully will get things figured out sooner than later and will be bringing out the diva in all of you!
I want your input! Let me know what you love, what you want to see here, or whatever you have on your mind! Can't wait to meet all of you!!
Thanks for stopping by, come back soon, and always Bee Cute!!


  1. Thanks for following! I'm a new blogger too. I only started in June! It's fun for me. Check out me facebook page too please. Trying to hit 100 fans by midnight tonight.!/pages/Mommy-Time-Out/135684769781447?ref=sgm Thanks Mommy Time Out

  2. I just strted in July too! I am having a great time meeting new moms and reading all of their great posts. Can't wait to see how your blog turns out!
    I am a fellow TwitterMom! Follow me at

  3. Hi there! I am a new follower. Looking forward to reading more of your blog!



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