Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are we wrong as parents??

Parenting is not easy.  We all know that.  But some things arise that seem silly at first, but then later on make you wonder if you did the right thing. 

Here's the deal:  As I'm in Bubblicious's room hanging up laundry one night, he informs me that he wants me to buy him some skinny jeans.  (Note:  Bubbalicious is one of many names I have for my almost 9-year-old son.)  (Another note:  I HATE skinny jeans on the male gender.)  So, I just mumbled something like "Oh, really.  Wow!" and he started talking about something else.  End of discussion, right?  I couldn't get that lucky.

So, a few nights later, my lovely mommy and step-dad were over visiting, and I had walked out of the room, but everyone else, including hubby and kids, were all chit-chatting.  Bubbalicious once again brought up these not-so-fabulous skinny jeans that he wants.  I think he did it at that moment because "Ma" is always buying her favorite (and only) grandkids new clothes and goodies.  I'm pretty sure he thought he could say that he wanted them, and next time Ma came over, she would bring them.

Lucky for me, and unlucky for Bubbs, Hubby was there when the skinny jeans convo came up.  As soon as the words came out of Bubbs' mouth, Hubby exclaimed "NO WAY!  You are not going to be wearing skinny jeans!"  Since I wasn't in the room, I didn't hear if there was ever a reason given to him as to why he cannot wear skinny jeans, but in a way, I think it may be better to not have a reason. 

Like it or not, we parents are role models.  Some better than others.  And, as the older I get, I can really notice how the majority of kids grow up to be similar to their parents.  None of us actually want to admit that we are like our parents, but the truth is, well....the truth hurts!  hahaha!

So, what got me to thinking about this whole skinny jeans situation, is are we wrong for telling him no, just because we don't like skinny jeans?  It's not that we are trying to mold him to be just like us, because that is sooo not what we intend.

Hubby and I talked privately about why we both, at separate times, discouraged the skinny jeans.  In our opinions, we think that style of jeans look great.  On GIRLS.  And girls only.  Now, I know that is being totally judgemental.  But that is the truth of how I feel.  I know that skinny jeans are wildly popular with dudes, just as much as it is with the ladies, so please don't send me hate mail.  It's just my opinion and I'm entitled to that. 

I want my kids to have their opinions, their own style, and their own way of doing things.  In a way, I feel bad for not letting Bubbs wear the pants he wants, but where do we draw the line?  If he wanted to wear a dress, I would not let him.  Thank the Lord that was not what he asked for.  But if he asked for a neon-green pair of Nike shoes, I'd probably be okay with that.  It's just a matter of what type of clothing it is.

I think the main reason we don't agree on the skinny jeans, is because as parents, we don't want our children to have to deal with any negative attention.  I know that going to school is rough, without any extra attention on what the kids wear.  I know there would be some kids that would make fun of boys wearing skinny jeans.  But then again, obviously he has seen someone wearing them, or why else would he ask for them?

Maybe I am over-analyzing this way too much.  He has not said anything else about them since Hubby said no.  So, what do you think?  Would you let your 3rd grade son wear skinny jeans, and why or why not?


  1. Have you asked him why he wants to wear them?

    I guess I don't understand why you're making them only for "girls". If society feels their popular for boys and the boys at his school wear them, then the parents are the only one's making it a battle of the genders. I wouldn't allow my 9 year old son to run around in a dress either, but a pair of skinny jeans? Yep. It's just a style... My step-son (who's 13) went through a long hair and skinny jean phase around the time Bieber got popular. Bieber changed boys fashion - now it's longer hair and skinny jeans, bracelets, and tight t-shirts. He doesn't wear the skinny jeans anymore, but his hair is still long. Are you not going to let him have longer hair or wear bracelets because it's only for girls?

    I'm not saying how you feel is wrong, I'm just letting you know my opinion since you asked :)

  2. As parents I think we all over analyze. I don't like skinny jeans on boys either. I guess I would take a look at what all his friends are wearing. If many wore skinny jeans then I may buy them. I know I had some pretty strange outfits when I was young, but thats just me.
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  3. Thanks for stopping by your page i'm now following you back. I agree with you kind of. i just wanted to let you know that there are some skinny jeans for boys that are nothing like girls. They are a little looser and you can tell they are for boys. I was totally against them until someone bought by 8 year old son a pair. They ended up being really cute. But I agree that we can't always give in to everything our kids want.

  4. My daughter has wanted a pair of them. I do not like them however when I was you I could have gotten away with wearing them because I was skinny/beanpole. However my daugher does not have the shape to wear skinny jeans so the answer is no, she will not be getting those types of jeans. She wears the pants with holes that my dad freaks about because we pay too much for pants with holes.
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  6. lol@ this .. i don't have boys and my eldest is 5... I would NOT let my boy wear skinny jeans. He will thank you later. I remember when I was little my mom would not let me have any New Kids On the Block clothes and I thought I would die because of it. Stick to your guns! lol

  7. Happy Sunday! I wouldn't allow it. I don't like Hannah Montana and refuse to buy anything with her face on it.I am a new follower from the blog hop and I look forward to following your blog!...Hope u can come by for a visit!

  8. If I did have a son who wanted to wear skinny jeans, then I would buy them for him. I think skinny jeans are better on guys then pants showing their butt. I think that theres more important things to worry about then skinny jeans. I cant stand Dora, but my daughter likes Dora shirts so I do buy them for her. About the negative attention thing, I think no matter what someone can always say something negative about someone, no matter how they dress, how they act, etc. Sad but true. Im sure you have a good kid, so jeans would be the least of my worries in this crazy world that our kids are growing up in. Just my opinion :)

  9. I am with you on the skinny jeans...but I don't really like them on anybody! I would probably use the excuse that it could affect his fertility as the excuse not to buy them!

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  10. If our son wanted skinny jeans, I would also probably buy them for him. If he wanted to wear a dress, then I would let him wear a dress. Today he wanted to leave the house wearing dinosaur babylegs leg warmers and his red lighting mcqueen beanie hat. So I let him. My husband didn't want our son leaving the house wearing the leg warmers, but our son wanted to and didn't seem to have an issue with it at all. He was upset when we got home and I made him take the hat off, but it's really warm today, and he didn't need to keep the hat on. There is way too much more to worry about in this world then about people or kids wearing skinny jeans.

    BUT, if our daughter wanted to buy a shirt that didn't cover her belly button, then I would NOT buy it for her. To me that is not right. I also wouldn't buy her short shorts or a short skirt. It must go to her knees at least for me to even consider buying her a skirt. If she wanted skinny jeans, I would buy them for her, if they weren't over priced. To me, I shouldn't have to spend more than $10 or $20 on a pair of jeans for anyone, especially my kids.

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  12. On initial response, I would NOT want my son to wear skinny jeans, but my father once told me, the hardest thing you do as a parent, is watch your children make mistakes. I understand where you are coming from (in wanting to safeguard Bubbs), but there is a point when you need to let him make mistakes (even if it's a fashion one). If he wants them so badly, you should let him run with it. Just give him the guidance/advice he needs when it doesn't go well...

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  13. I hate skinny jeans on boys or girls. I think they are horrible. That being said if Little Bit wanted to wear them I would let him. They don't have a modesty issue like the baggy pants that were wildly popular when I was in high school. The only thing I have have against them is my own personal sense of style. Kids have to be able to express themselves. If they do it in a modest and non-violent way I'm all for it. Rock those skinny jeans!

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  15. I agree with you. No to the skinny's on guys. I just think they look bad. I bought a few pairs on sale for my baby son (who is less than a year) and I can hardly get them on him. I say, you are the parent. What you decide is fine.

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  16. I don't have an issue with it...primarily because it's a trend. I have teenagers...I choose my

    But you're perfectly entitled to analyze it and say no.

  17. I don't like the skinny jeans on either gender, so I can see where you are coming from on this. I also understand overanalyzing. In this case, I think you're right to question yourself. If the only reason you said no is your own dislike of the fashion statement, then I think you should let him wear them. I wore a lot of things my parents didn't like, but it was how I found my style. I don't understand some of the things my 12 year old stepdaughter wears, but as long as she is not degrading herself with the choice, I let it go.

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